400 Watt 2 x 12″ Bass Cabinet with 1″ Tweeter

  • 400 Watt portable bass cabinet for stage and studio
  • Vertically stackable with other K- range cabinets for uncompromising full-frequency sound
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight bass cabinet design
  • 2 x 12″ custom drivers for deep fundamental bass tone
  • 1″ titanium diaphragm tweeter with 1.5″ aluminum coil for increased percussive attack and definition
  • Dual speaker link connections on premium Neutrik speakON* connectors (8 Ohm impedance)
  • Durable steel handles for easy lifting and carrying
  • Vintage styled Tolex* covered plywood cabinet designed for toughest life on the road
  • 1-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark




A Resounding Roar

Our new K212 bass cabinet doesn’t just look the part, it also sounds it. Behind the elegant tolex exterior you’ll find two brilliant custom-made 12″ drivers and a 1″ titanium tweeter that are sure to bring your tone to life with a quick and punchy response, crisp clarity and commanding low-end. Combine that with 8 Ohm impedance, 400W power handling and a weight of only 23 kg/50 lbs and you have a cab that’s ready to rule every stage around the world!

•    Lightweight and portable design
•    High-quality custom drivers
•    Vintage-vibed look




 The Problem

The Problem

If you ever play gigs at small to mid-sized venues or at private parties, you have probably decided to only bring one bass cab sometimes. Typically one with a 4×10″ speaker configuration.

However, sound is very sentitive to direction and surface reflections… If you place a 4 x10″ cab on the floor, sound waves will bounce off the floor, which is great for getting that fat low-end impact – but the downside is that you can’t hear the details of your playing. Well, your knees can, but not your ears.

One solution is to place the cab on a chair, a rack case or similar. Now, you can hear the mid and high frequencies much better, but now the downside is lack of low-end presence. Since you elevated the cab, you loose the early reflections boucning off the floor.