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Ethernet-to-NomadLink Bridge for PC Interface to NomadLink-Enabled Amplifiers Network

  • Network bridge for hosting a NomadLink network of C or FP+ SERIES amplifiers provides an Ethernet interface for amplifier control, monitoring and power sequencing
  • Intuitive DeviceControl software connects to NLB 60Es for control and monitoring of connected amplifiers, with configurable group aggregation possibilities
  • DeviceControl offers configurable power sequencing groups as well as product configuration aid and verification
  • Comprehensive front panel user interface includes display, navigation and adjustment buttons for configuration and browsing and dedicated status indication LEDs
  • Ethernet 3rd party control protocol for system integration based on Telnet connection and string based messaging
  • Dedicated buttons and indicators for power control of the entire subnet for remote power sequencing
  • Front panel password protection to prevent undesired control or reconfiguration
  • 3 configurable general purpose inputs for system integration, with 1 voltage sensing and 2 responding to contact closures
  • Host a NomadLink network of up to 60 enabled amplifiers per bridge and up to 16 NLB 60Es connected to DeviceControl
  • Bridge powers connected amplifiers over the network for communication when connected amplifiers lack mains power
  • Daisy-chain network topology with optional loop redundancy based on standard Ethernet cables
  • Network span of up to 400 meters, with maximum distance between 2 devices of 300 meters
  • Front and rear panel Ethernet connectors provide easy access for temporary configuration and fixed permanent installation
  • 1 rack unit rugged metal chassis with aluminum front panel
  • 10-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in Sweden

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Network Control, Monitoring and Power Sequencing of C Series & FP+ Series.








My default imageThe NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge & Network Controller serves as the keystone hardware component in any NomadLink network for amplifier monitoring and control. It acts as the master controller for a subnet of as many as 60 LAB GRUPPEN C Series or FP+ Series amplifiers. Using the front panel keys and displays, the user can monitor critical functions as well as initiate power on/off commands. The NLB 60E also functions as a bridge between LAB GRUPPEN’s proprietary NomadLink network and a standard Ethernet LAN, allowing easy connection to a PC running DeviceControl software. With its multiple display views and intuitive graphical control, DeviceControl greatly enhances the power, flexibility and utility offered by the NLB 60E.

The NLB 60E front panel provides basic control of on/off and mute functions for the subnet, as well as indication of an amplifier fault on the network. For more powerful control and monitoring features, the NLB 60E serves as a bridge between the NomadLink network and an Ethernet LAN, connecting all subnets to a PC running
LAB GRUPPEN’s proprietary DeviceControl software.

DeviceControl greatly extends the utility of NomadLink by providing a multi-view graphical interface with features for precise individual or grouped control of power on/off and channel mutes as well as detailed monitoring of key parameters with clear warning and fault indications. A Secure Connection feature includes password-protected lockout to prevent unauthorized changes to the configuration or control of the amplifier system.