Set of 5 High-Endurance, Touch-Sensitive 100 mm Motorised Faders (550 mm Cable)

  • Touch-sensitive Motorised 100 mm Fader with 200 mm cable for MIDAS digital consoles
  • High-endurance up to 1 million cycle lifetime
  • Premium quality wiper fingers made from Palladium Silver-Copper alloy
  • Touch-sensitive T-bar and sensor track
  • High-precision 10 kΩ linear resistive track
    Long-life, industry-proven Mabuchi* motor
  • Replacement for Penny+ Giles* PGFM3200, Alps* K-Fader, etc.
  • 10-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.




Not satisfied with the existing motorised fader choices in the marketplace, MIDAS created the PRO FADER, rated for up to a million cycles – three times that of other leading manufacturers – and providing high linearity, robustness, and smooth feel during operation. This decision yielded many other benefits, including total quality control over the manufacturing process and lower costs that could be passed on to customers.


As a digital console manufacturer, MIDAS has a perspective on the actual application of motor faders that a component manufacturer would not have. The multi-disciplinary development project combined mechanical design, electronic hardware and software optimisation with a rigorous testing programme and an investment in material science to produce the best possible performance in actual operation in MIDAS PRO Series consoles. Semi-precious metals are used for the wiper fingers for their hard-wearing properties, and precision resistive tracks were created that off er highly linear positional accuracy, coupled with long-term durability and even response in use.


PRO FADER (550 mm) features a high precision 100 mm travel track with a 10 kΩ linear law, ideally suited to servo control applications. The integrated touch sensing track and conductive T-Bar allow both the implementation of automatic channel selection in software, as well as detection of when the fader is being held so that the motor is not driven. PRO FADER (550 mm) is designed to be mounted to console fascia panels via its two M3 threaded pillars which are on 120 mm mounting centres. A 550 mm long cable is provided which includes connections for the 10 kΩ resistive track, the touch sensing track and the motor.



Architecture & Engineering Specifications

The motorised fader shall be intended for use on digital audio mixing consoles and control centres as part of a linear position-sensing servo circuit.

The motorised fader shall have an operational lifetime of up to 1 million cycles.

The motorised fader shall have a 10 kΩ ± 20% linear law track with ± 2% linearity.

The motorised fader shall have 100 mm travel. The motorised fader shall use wiper fingers manufactured from Palladium Silver-Copper alloy.

The motorised fader shall have a touch sensing track which is connected to a conductive T-Bar fixing via a set of wiper fingers.

The motorised fader shall use a Mabuchi FF-050SB-09250 motor.

The motorised fader shall have a cable loom of nominal length 550 mm, terminating in a 6-way Molex 22-01-2065 connector shell fitted with 08-50-0031 crimps.

The motorised fader shall have overall dimensions 150 mm length x 13 mm width x 47 mm high (5.9″ x 0.5″ x 1.9″).

The motorised fader shall have M3 threaded pillar fixings on 120.0 mm (4.72″) mounting centres.

The motorised fader shall be the MIDAS PRO FADER (550 mm) and no other alternative shall be acceptable.

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200MM, 550MM, Pro Fader 2-200MM