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  • Wall plate remote control for DM8000
  • Volume control may be assigned to either auxiliary input section or main mix bus
  • Selection of auxiliary inputs 1-6
  • All Illuminated, soft touch controls powered remotely from DM8000
  • Use CAT5/6 or any 5 conductor cable for connection distances up to 300 feet (100 m)
  • Compact, single gang format allows use with low voltage trim rings and most standard depth enclosures
  • Generous space provided for input labeling
  • Discrete appearance matches any decor
  • 10-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.



Remote Control for Volume and Source Selection

When used in conjunction with the DM8000 Digital Audio Processor, the CP8000EU provides easy control over volume and selection for up to 6 auxiliary inputs. All of the illuminated soft-touch controls receive power directly from the DM8000 via CAT5/6 or any 5-conductor cable. The CP8000EU fits most standard-depth installation enclosures and its elegant design blends easily with any décor

Easy to Operate

CP8000EU provides the ideal remote control center for a wide range of audio applications, allo

wing the user to affect fast and easy input selection from up to 6 auxiliary sources, and adjust the selection’s volume level. For added versatility, the Volume control may be assigned to either the auxiliary input section or main mix bus. CP8000EU’s soft-touch illuminated controls do not require external power, as the operating voltage is supplied directly from the DM8000.


Economical Installation

The CP8000EU installs into most standard depth enclosures with just two screws beneath the front plate. Simply remove the front panel, connect the cabling and fasten the main unit into the enclosure with the provided mounting screws. When securely installed, replace the front panel. Designed to fit into even sophisticated environments, the compact, single gang format allows use with low voltage trim rings. Inexpensive CAT5/6 or any 5 conductor cable can provide connection for distances of up to 300 feet (100 m).

Convenient Labeling

A generous space is provided space by each soft-touch button to note the name of the assigned audio source. You may either write directly onto the surface, or apply sticky labels.