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SHOWTEC AUDIO AND LIGHTS SOLUTION CO. is a progressive and innovative company providing Audio-Visual and Lighting equipment to a diverse clientele throughout the nation, specializing in sound reinforcement and systems integration.Managed by a group of credible and competent suppliers and integrators, SHOWTEC offers a wide range of internationally designed and manufactured products from renowned brands, complemented with exceptional services by its knowledgeable and skilled employees.

Despite being a newly established company, SHOWTEC does not fall short of people’s expectations. In fact it is identified by many as a company with reliable products and highly motivated employees, both embodied by the latest technologies in the industry. To date it has developed service proficiency across numerous industries including Corporations, Government Institutions, Houses of Worship, Schools and Universities, Production and Broadcasting, Hotels and Resorts, Recreation Areas, Bars and Restaurants, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.



Government Institutions

TV and Radio Broadcast Industries

Bars and Restaurants/ Hotels and Resorts/ Recreation Areas

House of Worship/Religious Congregations

Schools and Universities

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Stadiums and Gymnasiums