Audio Receiver (VDKM02BR)


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  • Extend and distribute VGA or DVI signal with USB, bi-directional RS232/IR(Infrared), and analog audio signals over LAN.
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 60Hz (Max)
  • HDCP 1.4 compliant.
  • Transmission range up to 150M over CAT5e/CAT6.
  • Support SFP optical transceiver, single mode transmission distance up to 60KM.
  • Support Windows based management software, using PC for easy setting input/output link.
  • Support Android/iOS APP for channel select and management.
  • Support IR(Infrared) remote control or front panel button for channel select and management.
  • Support up to 8×16 video wall.
  • Supports full duplex Bi-Directional RS232 communication (115200 MAX) by control software on a PC, or other automated control system to control devices attached to the extenders.
  • Built in RS232 distribution function, to send RS232 signal from one TX to multiple RX.
  • RS232 port support external Keypad/Console control. (Custom made available)
  • Built in Bi-Directional analog audio transmission (only in unicast mode).
  • Built in Bi-Directional IR(Infrared) extension.
  • VDKM02BT Transmitter unit built in HDMI local loop output.
  • VDKM02BR Receiver unit with 4 ports USB devices (2 port USB 1.1 front & 2 Port USB 2.0 rear), to extend USB peripheral devices, such as flash disk, hard disk, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Use IGMP and Jumbo frame protocol Gigabit Switch Hub to do HD signal distribution and transmission.
  • Support point to point and multiple source devices to multi-display connections via Gigabit network switch with Unicast or Multicast mode.
  • Support total of transmitter unit up to 1000 pieces, receiver unit over 60000 pieces based on the number of ports on your network switch.
  • Perfect for large scale remote HD content access and security monitoring systems, digital signage applications.

Out of stock